WAG Gala Invitation


Project Detail

The object was to design an invitation card for the WAG 2021 Virtual New Year’s Eve Gala. The design style must be based on a past design period and create original artwork in that style.

My Concept

The retro design chosen for this assignment is Art Deco. The Art Deco style is simple, clean, and geometrical. Together these elements form a modern manner. The concept of the invitation is inspired by the countdown at midnight on New Year’s Eve. A decorated clock, with its arms pointed at midnight, represents the firework celebration on New Year’s Eve. This decoration can also be seen as a snowflake to echo the winter season.


Illustrator, Photoshop

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WAG Gala Invitation flat illustration

WAG New Year's Eve Gala Invitation—Front

WAG Gala Invitation front design

WAG New Year's Eve Gala Invitation—Back

WAG Gala Invitation back design
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