Project Detail

The objective was to create a new brand identity system for an organization of our choice.

My Concept

The organization chosen for this project was Smack Pet Food. The concept of the logo is conveying the idea that “Smack provides a lip-smacking high-quality food for dogs and cats”. A smiley face with the tongue sticking out is used to show that the brand is “always good”.

Organic green colour is chosen to address the freshness, the healthiness, and the nutritiousness of Smack’s ingredients. It also expresses the brand value of being environmentally friendly: Smack is a brand that you can trust!


Illustrator, Photoshop

smack pet food logo

Brand Expression—Poster

Smack pet food poster

Brand Expression—Packaging

Smack pet food packaging

Brand Expression—Stationery

Smack pet food stationery

Brand Expression—Website

Smack pet food website

Brand Expression—Social Media

Smack pet food instagram
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