Project Detail

CHINAVAL print publication is the second part of the semester-long “MAD project”. The objective was to explore and bring meaning to a subject that is important to us. The content that I chose to focus on is learning Chinese culture through acknowledging traditional Chinese festivals.

My Concept

“Issue No.2: Lantern Festival” was created as an example of the overall design for the series of CHINAVAL print publications.

The concept of the publication is casual and modern, but it also takes on a traditional style. As CHINAVAL is designed for learning and traveling purposes, the pocket-size layout was created for accessibility and convenience. The colours chosen for the publication mimic the Lantern Festival atmosphere—fun, welcoming, and engaging. Simple outline graphics are illustrated to simulate the traditional Chinese art of paper cutting.


Illustrator, InDesign

CHINAVAL Print Publication Pocket Size

Front cover + Table of Contents

CHINAVAL Print Publication Front

Back cover + Section Page

CHINAVAL Print Publication Back
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