Project Detail

CHINAVAL mobile app is the finishing part of the semester-long “MAD project”. The objective was to plan and design interfaces for a website or an app for the “MAD project”.

My Concept

CHINAVAL mobile app is an extension of the CHINAVAL print publication. Its purpose is to connect people who are interested in learning Chinese culture. This app not only contains a supplementary reading from the print publication, but it also acts as a community hub where people can chat, share, and ask questions regarding Chinese culture.


XD, Illustrator, InDesign

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CHINAVAL Mobile App and Print piece together

Explore & Follow Interfaces (Homepage)

CHINAVAL Mobile App first 6 screens

Learn Interfaces (Extension of CHINAVAL Print Publication)

CHINAVAL Mobile App second 6 screens

Primary View Port—iPhone

 CHINAVAL Mobile App Primary View Port—iPhone

Secondary View Port—iPad

 CHINAVAL Mobile App Secondary View Port—iPad

All Interfaces Together

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